What if I'm not experienced in Yoga or Meditation?

Our yoga and meditation classes are for all levels. Our teachers offer many different pose variations in each class so that our guests can receive what they need from each practice. All classes are open so you can join as many as you'd like. 

What do I need to practice yoga?

You don’t need much to practice yoga, all you really need is yourself and some curiosity. As for the gear essentials, please wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, a small towel for excess sweat and a mat. Don’t worry about socks or shoes as we will be practicing barefoot. We have mats available for rent ($2/mat) if you don’t have one.  

Is yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion and it is not necessary to give up your own religion in order to practice yoga. It is a discipline that includes breath control, simple meditation and bodily postures that are practiced for health and relaxation.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga has many mental and physical benefits. It can increase flexibility, strength, balance and body alignment (can help reduce joint pain). It can also help with reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing bodily awareness and improving self-confidence. Although it won’t cure every ailment, it can help with the elimination of toxins and excess energy in the body.

What can I expect as a single traveller?

We promote an open and comfortable space for all of our guests. Guests staying in a shared room are often matched up by their goals and personalities. There are separate beds and private bathrooms. Most people spend their time in the common areas such as the plounge, hot tub or by the fire so we find that our guests don't spend a lot of time in their rooms. If you prefer a private room, this can be requested upon booking.