The Power of Cultivation

I believe that the most interesting part of a human being is their soul. The "soul" can go by many other names, but essentially what I'm talking about is the thing that exists once you remove the body along with all of it's senses. Our souls have the ability to navigate the world through our bodies, which is already a spectacular thing in itself. But the question that I've always had is do we actually understand the full potential of our souls? Do we know what we can create for ourselves, for others or for the world? The potential is infinite, if you want it to be. 

Let's get down to the basics. Close your eyes and say the words "I am amazing" without making a sound. Did you hear that? Keep your eyes closed and picture yourself swimming in the ocean, feel the warmth of the water around you and the lightness of your body floating. How good did that feel? Close your eyes once again and rub your hands together really fast for 20 seconds, then gently place your hands over your eyes. Feel the warmth of the energy that you are giving to yourself. 

Everything that you just experienced was real and will have an effect on your life.

Everything that has happened to you when you were young is now the past. Understand that you have the power to change the patterns of your life. Every time you react out of fear or anger, question your reactions. Ask yourself where is this reaction coming from and why. You cannot blame someone else for your reaction because your anger or fear is coming from a place that you have not healed yet. Your reactions and attitudes come from no one other than yourself. Take responsibility for who you are and who you want to be. This is a life long journey, so be patient with yourself. You are already an incredible person for taking that first step towards healing. 

Did you know that you can manifest and cultivate anything that you want in this world? The secret is that it has to be done with good intentions and pure love. You have the ability to create the world that you want to live in. Spend time every day closing your eyes and envisioning the life that you want and really believe that it already exists for you. The more you practice this, the stronger your energy field becomes. The stronger your energy field becomes, the more control you have over the destiny of your life. 

Ultimately, what I want for you is to wake up with passion and excitement for your life. There is no better person to count on than yourself. I hope you continue to focus on yourself so that others can continue to be inspired and loved by you. 

I'd like to share one of my favourite passages with you from the book "The Master" by Chao-Hsiu Chen, 

"Each person carries a great wisdom in himself, but nobody finds this ancient treasure because it is buried under mountains of grief. Once you learn to remove the rubble of sorrow and pain, you can see the treasure gleam in the light of the eternal Sun."