Belly Love

Here is some food for thought: I have made some connections lately with my self worth as a direct reflection of thought patterns. I’ve learned how destructive ‘self talk’ can be and have tried to stop being mean to myself in my own head.

I have also been thinking (as a Nutritionist does) about ways to improve digestion as I believe it to be the most valuable aspect to our health when it is performing optimally.

But then I look in the mirror every morning after a shower or when I try on an outfit and think “I hate my belly fat”. Every single day, and often many times in a day, I send a little message of hate to my core. I’ve learned that, not only will this thought pattern diminish my digestion, but my belly is the site of so much more.

Belly Love : 5 Reasons to Stop Throwing Shade on your Core

1)   Solar Plexus: Your belly is the site of the third chakra called the Solar Plexus. It is located in your upper stomach and above the navel. This Chakra is the core of your identity as it governs personality, identity and ego. It is the center of your self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and personal power. If you look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself you hate your ‘belly fat’, you are diminishing the power of your Solar Plexus and effectually breaking down your self worth on a daily basis. Please stop doing this.  More on this.

2)   Your Core: Muscularly speaking, it is common to refer to the centre place of strength and energy as your ‘core’. We see this in fitness instruction and exercises that remind you to ‘Strengthen your Core’ or ‘Pull in your Core’ when doing exercises.  I believe they are on the right path anatomically, noting how central the core is for overall strength, but something is missing.  There is an obsession to have ‘six-pack abs’ and the media presents this as the only way to be proud of your core. What is the result of this mentality? If you DON'T have ‘six-pack abs’ then you are inferior. Further propagating core hatred. So I say love your rolls. The effect of sending love to your core will go far beyond muscle strength…


3)   Digestion: Your ability to break down and assimilate food is reliant on a properly functioning digestion. Assimilated food literally turns into ‘YOU’. It is the building blocks of every bodily process from hormones to blood cells and skin. If your digestion is sluggish, so is your metabolism. Weight gain can be the result of impaired digestion as we need the building blocks of vitamins and minerals to burn fat and remove it from the body.  So send your belly some love, if not for an improved metabolism, then for your overall health…

4)   “All disease starts in the gut”. It was the ancient philosopher Hippocrates who said nearly 2000 years ago that  we can trace all elements of disease to the gut, which is the small and large intestines located in the lower part of your abdomen. The same place as your ‘Solar Plexus’ and your ‘Core’. This may seem obvious in conditions such as Type II Diabetes and Liver Disease, but can be linked to so many others such as Auto-Immune Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer and more. Digestion is the key to preventing these illnesses, so eat something today that is good for your gut.

5) The Gut-Brain Connection: The gut is the source of our microbiome: billions of beneficial bacteria working together to influence immunity and defence, digestion, mental health and so much more. As this topic extends the scope of this article I will just say this: digestion can influence mental health. Think of it this way: your happy hormones, called Serotonin, are made up of amino-acids. One of the most important amino-acids is Tryptophan, which cannot be made by the body so it needs to come from our diet. Tryptophan comes from broken down protein such as turkey meat, spinach etc. If your gut is not breaking down protein efficiently, then there won’t be enough Tryptophan to create the happy hormone Serontonin. The result can lead to depression, anxiety, emotional instability, inability to manage stress and so on.  So love your gut, it’s the only one you have.